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Rembrandt 2018 Reunion Plans

The 2018 All-School Reunion will be held on July 21, 2018.
The classes that will be honored are: 1958, 1968, 1973, and 1978.

Honored classes -- 2018 All-School Reunion

Click here to access the 2017 All-School Reunion information and registration form..

Rembrandt Alumni Band

Click the links below for photos and more information.

2001 Rembrandt Centennial Performance -- Myron Teague, Director
2004 Reunion Performance -- Myron Teague, Director
2006 Reunion Performance -- Rod Shedenhelm, Director
2008 Reunion Performance -- Rod Shedenhelm, Director

2009 Reunion Performance -- Rod Shedenhelm, Director

2010 Reunion Performance -- Rod Shedenhelm, Director (Including the article: For Rembrandt alumni band, Sentimental Journey goes on - Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune, 7/29/2010)
2011 Reunion Performance -- Rod Shedenhelm, Director
2012 Reunion Performance -- Rod Shedenhelm, Director
2013 Reunion Performance -- Rod Shedenhelm, Director (Including the article: Rembrandt Reunion - Sioux Rapids Bulletin Press, 7/25/2013 and 8/1/2013)
2014 Reunion Performance -- Rod Shedenhelm, Director
__Video: Flight of the Bumblebee (Duet by Bill Henley and Rod Shedenhelm)
__Video: Rembrandt High School Song
__Video: In the Mood
__Video: Flute Trio
__Video: Ioway (Vocal)
__Video: Sentimental Journey (Vocal)
2015 Reunion Performance -- Rod Shedenhelm, Director
__Video: You're a Grand Old Flag
__Video: Flute Trio - Grand Trio for Three Flutes by Beethoven
__Video: Semper Fidelis
__Video: Stars & Stripes Forever
__Video: Rock Around the Clock
__Video: American Patrol March

2016 Reunion Performance -- Rod Shedenhelm, Director
__Video: Hogan's Heroes March
__Video: Turkey in the Straw - Flute Trio
__Video: The Thunderer
__Video: The Band Played On

__Video: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
__Video: Marches of the Armed Forces
__Video: Sentimental Journey (vocal)
__Video: I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (vocal)
__Video: May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You (vocal)
__Video: String of Pearls
__Video: Bill Bailey

2017 Reunion Performance -- Rod Shedenhelm, Director
__Video: Washington Post March
__Video: American Patrol
__Video: Bugler's Holiday - Flute Trio
__Video: God Bless America

__Video: Rembrandt High School Song

To check out the long history of Rembrandt bands, return to the Rembrandt Bands page at

Rembrandt Updates

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Strike Up the Band - Storm Lake Pilot Tribune, 7/12/2017 (also appearing in the Sioux Rapids Bulletin Press, 6/22/2017 and Storm Lake Times 6/16/2017)

Rembrandt Alumni Gather - Sioux Rapids Bulletin Press, 7/28/2016

Let's Go Swimming - Marathon Gravel Pit Memories - Sioux Rapids Bulletin Press, 4/7/2016; Storm Lake Pilot Tribune, 4/9/2016

Rembrandt Alumni Gathering a Grand Event - Sioux Rapids Bulletin Press, 7/30/2015

Lost Schools - Rembrandt Relived - Des Moines Sunday Register, 10/19/2014

Rembrandt pride - 1953 Midgets Baseball - The Spencer Daily Reporter/Sioux Rapids Bulletin Press, 9/26/2013. (Note/Correction: Ken Green was the head Men's Golf coach at UNI for 24 years, not 4 years.)

Rembrandt School Board, 1958 - Sioux Rapids Bulletin Press, 8/29/2013

Mister Rembrandt, Ron Haraldson - Contributed by Ed Nielsen (Class of 1962)
Mister Rembrandt, Ron Haraldson - Storm Lake Pilot Tribune, 9/4/2012; Sioux Rapids Bulletin Press, 9/6/2012

RHS Boy's Basketball Feature (1959 team) - Sioux Rapids Bulletin Press, 9/13/2011

Fond Memories of Rembrandt (Velta Beimanis) - Sioux Rapids Bulletin Press, 8/26/2010

Rembrandt Ballfield Food Stand Boss Hanging It Up (Janet Haraldson) - Storm Lake Times, 7/19/2008

20th Anniversary of Engebretson Field - (Including poem and song from 1988 dedication; poster from 2008)

Rembrandt Remembers award - Storm Lake Pilot Tribune, 5/15/2003

Rembrandt Remembers - Storm Lake Times, 8/21/2002

Rembrandt stars in new book - Storm Lake Pilot Tribune, 7/11/2002

Dark spots, colorful details blend into a vivid Rembrandt - Des Moines Sunday Register, 6/30/2002

Musical Reunion Honors Beloved Teacher - Sioux Rapids Bulletin Press, 7/26/2001

The Man, the Music - Storm Lake Pilot Tribune, 7/19/2001


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