Rembrandt Consolidated School

Rembrandt, Iowa

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Variety of Articles


Articles: 1963-1979

1963-Rembrandt To Continue School Without State Aid

1964-Rembrandt Keeps School

1965-School Addition

1979-Final Rembrandt Graduation Class


Articles: 1988-Present

Lost Schools - Des Moines Register, 10/19/2014

Let's Go Swimming - Marathon Gravel Pit Memories - Sioux Rapids Bulletin Press, 4/7/2016; Storm Lake

Mister Rembrandt, Ron Haraldson - Contributed by Ed Nielsen (Class of 1962)

Rembrandt Ballfield Food Stand Boss Hanging It Up (Janet Haraldson) - Storm Lake Times, 7/19/2008

20th Anniversary of Engebretson Field - (Including poem and song from 1988 dedication; poster from 2008)

Down by the riverside: An old-fashioned Iowa boyhood - Lloyd Pressel (Class of 1938) -- Des Moines Register, 7/19/2007