Rembrandt Consolidated School

Rembrandt, Iowa

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Rembrandt School History


Scrapbook: Rembrandt School District History

Essay: History of our Local Schools from 1866-1943 by Anna Mosbo (B: July 18, 1886; D: August 6, 1974)

Scrapbook: Barnes Township No. 6 & 7 District -- 1899-1907 School Proceedings

Scrapbook: History of Rural (one-room) Schools in Barnes, Lee, Scott & Lincoln Townships (1870 to 1940s)

Scrapbook: New School Building - 1918

Diary: Teaching in Rembrandt (1934 - 1938)

Scrapbook: Township Rural Schools - BV County

Document: 1946-1947 Superintendent's Annual Report

Document: 1947-1948 Superintendent's Annual Report

Report: 1947-1948 Rembrandt School faculty data

Document: 1948-1949 Superintendent's Annual Report

Document: 1949-1950 Superintendent's Annual Report

Document: 1950-1951 Superintendent's Annual Report

Scrapbook: Reveries -- School History - 1957

Scrapbook: Lincoln Lee School History

Scrapbook: Elk Township School Relocation

Scrapbook: Highview Consolidated School

Scrapbook: Brown School Graduation 1897-'99

School Faculty, School Board and Staff Group Pictures

School Buildings (Photos)

Collection: School Buildings

School Buses

Variety of Articles


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