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Rembrandt in Photos


Aerial View of Rembrandt - From the Northeast

Aerial View of Rembrandt - From the Southwest

Album: The Town of Rembrandt - 1904 to 1920, 2001

Photo Album: One Rembrandt

George Engebretson Field

Collection: 1982 - Classic Cars in Rembrandt

Patio Drive-In

Bandstand in the Park

Cozy Cafe-Mrs. Weber

Town Square-Patriotic-Late "Teens"

Barber Shop-Roy Cannoy

1953 Fire Truck-Russell Pewsey
First Oil CO-OP of Rembrandt

Milk Delivery Truck
Rembrandt 1908/1909-Main Street

General Store-Ole Hegna-1907

Bank Lobby-1907

Inside Early General Store

Early Barber Shop

Link to Other Historic Photos (Courtesy of Brian Craig)