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Keith Stroup’s 61 Point Game

Eighth Best Showing in State


When Keith Stroup paced Rembrandt’s 101 to 48 victory over Meriden with 61 points at Rembrandt on Saturday, January 2, he produced the eighth highest individual game total ever posted by an Iowa high school boy.

Keith made 30 field goals and one free throw that night, scoring nine more baskets and 11 more points than the entire Meriden team. The Raiders were not especially feeding the ball to Stroup as evidenced by the fact that Larry Galvin added 16 points to Rembrandt’s total and the other boys also scored well.

The Pilot-Tribune is indebted to Brad Wilson, who writes Iowa high school sports for the Des Moines Register, for research on the subject of high individual totals. Here are the top eight performances, according to Scribe Wilson:

84 points: Roy Buchanan, scored for Conway against Gravity in 1927.

71 points: Louis Sneller scored for Doon against Larchwood in 1955.

70 points: Clarence Shera, scored for Tiffin against Ely in 1938

69 points: R. A. Harlan, scored for Stockport against Salem in 1951

66 points: Jerry Doran, scored for Grand Junction against Salem in 1951

63 points: Dale Kisner, scored for Oelwein Sacred Heart against St. John in 1955

61 points: Keith Stroup, scored for Rembrandt against Meriden in 1960

     Rembrandt’s total of 101 points is believed to be the largest score ever made by a boys’ team in Buena Vista county. At least, no school has challenged this statement when it was first mentioned a few weeks ago.

     Keith Stroup has been scoring well for Rembrandt for several seasons and now, in his senior year, is averaging 26.5 points per game, according to his coach, Charles Skogerboe. He is only 5’9’’ tall and does not have the advantage of great height under the basket. He is a good defensive player and helps keep the ball on the move in an effort to feed anyone in a good position to shoot.

     Rembrandt is having a good season with 10 victories in 14 games to date.